Glorytellers - Atone

Fans of Karate will be aware of Geoff Farina, although smashing bricks with the edge of his hand was not his forte: he was actually the creative force behind Boston-based indie stalwarts Karate. Perhaps he is a martial arts master though? Is he easily enraged? Would he see my head as a house brick in need of pulverising? Luckily he’s made a great record, so hopefully a pleasant review will appease the situation. After all, the pen is mightier than the sword! PLEASE GEOFF, NOT THE FACE!!

Calypso melodies and sunny, jazzy runs fly from his steel strings like baby-birds to their mother's nest. Equally proficient with the bluesy vibes of ‘Fours’, or the upbeat beach party of ‘Hawaiian Sunshine’, his voice is open and honest, unaffected and uncomplicated. A perfect fit for the music. As a songwriter he pulls from a toolbox filled to the brim with classic Americana. ‘Concaves’, with its restrained use of harmonica and opening gambit of “Same stars just re-arranged / Stare hard and you will certainly see the change / Old stars still out of range / But in a week we are sure to see them constellate’, serves as a metaphor for the ebb and flow of relationships. ‘Softly As She Sings’, with its more traditional blues foundation and gentle harmonies, almost tempts you to close your eyes and drift off into days of white-picket fences and sasparilla.

Unlikely to set the world on fire, Atone is, nevertheless, a thoroughly enjoyable experience for fans of Farina's previous works. Ideal for a post-face-smashing workout session, preferably from the relaxed comfort of a hammock.



out of 10
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