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This far down the line, it’s hard to believe that Girls Aloud came out of a reality television show – one of the few success stories to emerge from the genre. As anyone though with half a brain and a pair of ears could tell, they were far and away the better prospect than One True Voice, who released two insipid singles, imploding mere months from the battle for Christmas Number One. The girls on the other hand have gone from strength to strength, releasing spiky, catchy and, most importantly, insanely enjoyable pop songs that have helped maintain their success.

That said though, it seems far too early for a greatest hits collection, a paltry 13 singles (including their current hit), padded out by two new recordings. This collection also sports some appalling cover design, looking like a Blue Peter competition gone bad. However, with songs as fun as Sound Of The Underground and Something Kinda Ooh, who can really complain. Tracks like Good Advice bristle with hooks, stuttering guitar taking the song into the laps of the Indie kids, whilst Biology is a baffling blend of pop and prog, a hugely complicated opus a million miles from anything the Spice Girls attempted to achieve.

The band have furiously denied that this is to be their swansong – but if the history of their peers is anything to go, it seems inevitable that one member will leave about Christmas time, the remaining four members sticking together and releasing something useless (but not as bad as Holler), finally imploding about Easter time into five pale imitations. But with songs as daft, catchy, and downright good as the ones on this collection, let’s hope for once that they do stick together.

A two disc set is also available, containing bonus tracks.



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