General Midi - Operation Overdrive

I can’t keep it private, General Midi is a major talent. Weak puns aside this is a wrecking ball of an album; a vial of searing hot adrenaline injected into the eyeball would be a tame substitute for whacking this beast on at full volume and drinking in the unfettered energy rush. Remember when the Chemical Brothers were essential? Well, you old bugger, this is better. Significantly so.

It begins with the in your face rap explosion of 4 Million Ways, an obvious single which is so infectious it has leapfrogged swine flu in my chart of this summer’s must have viruses. But, hold on, track two Absinthe, featuring the sublime vocal talents of Sean Gill, is another obvious single; a modern take on the sort of electro pop pioneered by Gary Numan. There’s two potential singles of the year in quick succession – what more could you ask from a record?

Audio Assault is pure Chemical’s style mayhem while Back For More changes gear again and provides a challenge to the likes of Garbage. The momentum and quality of the opening salvo is impossible to maintain and there’s a minor lull in the middle of the album but it is hard to quibble when even the weaker tracks would stroll onto most albums in a starring role. Misbehave is another jaw dropping potential chart topper though with Dominique Woolf pouting her way through a fabulous hybrid of the sensuality of Blondie and the dark, pornographic electronic of Curve. Poker Face isn’t (Thank God) a cover of the Lada GaGa tune but rather an anthemic breakbeat smash. The album grinds to an apocalyptic conclusion with When I Rock which recreates episodes of my youth - blending, as it does, electro discos with the half remembered giddy, drunken sounds of a seaside arcade. Gorf-tastic. Buy it - you never liked your neighbours anyway, right?



out of 10
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