G-Unit - Wanna Get To Know You

...being the single that results from a successful rap star squeezing his fans yet further by promoting his mates from back home. 'fore G-Unit, it was Snoop Doggy Dogg's The Dogg Pound and Eminem's D-12, both of whom were as nothing when confronted with the confusing array of acts to be spun out those who'd ever called into the Wu-Mansion, but with 50 Cent being the bullet-scarred rapper of choice this season, his ol' buddies from back home tail behind him like kids around their parents.

50 Cent's always made the strangest gangsta rapper, with there being little threatening about him, least not with that face that's gone to fat nor a scowl that, y'know, looks a little too much like an upset housewife for it to mean anything, suggesting that he ought to begin each rap with, "So I said..." Still, bless him for having seen fit to give Bo Selecta's Craig David a job in the band, albeit one that requires him to wear a G-Unit shirt and a coupla nasty pieces of oversized costume jewellery as on the cover of this single. Uh yeah...but the music? Pretty much as you would expect in that it's a bit like 50 Cent but, sticking strictly to form, G-Unit don't get much more than the scraps from their master's table, sounding as though the drift into the bargain bins was a built-in feature from the off, where they will sit, whaddaya know, alongside The Dogg Pound and D-12.

Swearing a little, though not on the Radio Version, despite professing to 'keep it real', if not 'keep it motherfuckin' real', this opens with swingbeat before a rap comes in that's as lame as a fish that's been given a beat and told to breakdance. For their part, G-Unit are no less effective than 50 Cent but given that he's one of the least inspiring rappers since DJ Morris Minor recorded Stutter Rap, having been handed fame based more on a gunshot wound than wordplay, the fact that Wanna Get To Know You really isn't really a credit to hip-hop should not come as a surprise.



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