Future Loop Foundation - Memories from a Fading Room

What do you do if you find old recordings of family interviews in the attic? In the case of Mark Barrott aka Future Loop Foundation, you set them to music to make your fifth LP.

Fans of Boards of Canada will be in familiar territory. Memories From a Fading Room sounds like it was made using mainly obsolete synths plus some acoustic instruments. Mood-wise the album ranges from the simple guitar and piano of Everything As It Should Be through the moogy psychedelia of Homegrown Dynamic to the widescreen, heart-bursting joy of Sunshine Philosophy. Lemon Jelly anyone? The tinkly pastoral chill out of (1976) is a fitting end, like a relaxation tape encouraging the listener to drift away. In the background, if you pay close attention, you'll hear birdsong and kids playing peacefully.

These arrangements are an effective score to people being quizzed about their hobbies, ambitions or life during wartime by what could be the lad from Kes. And it is worth letting your ears tune in to the answers. The past here is painted as a nostalgic, slightly alien idyll, a time before paedophiles, global warming and Big Brother.

Although electronica aficionados may find it somewhat lacking in adventure musically, Memories From a Fading Room makes for an unusual, interesting and occasionally affecting project.

N.B. A 50 minute film featuring Super8 footage of Mark Barrot's childhood accompanies the retail release, but was not supplied with this review copy.



out of 10
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