Fury Of The Headteachers - Farewell Comrade

If Fury Of The Headteachers were contestants in robot wars, their entry would be made of a solid but lightweight metal, well polished but covered in the scars of battle. It'd have a spinning buzzsaw on one arm and an electric whip on the other and would zip around the arena, darting this way and that, sending a thousand volts through anything stupid enough to come in its way and leaving enemies dice longways before they'd had chance to turn around. It'd be a rapid, charged display of velocity and pyrotechnics.

On record this is translated as sharp, screeched guitars, frayed vocals and a blistering pace which is both dense and riddled with daggers. There are others doing a similar sort of bloody-nosed angular rock better than this but Fury Of The Headteachers are definitely A Good Thing and you can't have too much of that.



out of 10
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