Fukkk Offf - Love Me Hate Me Kiss Me Kill Me

With such an interesting - to some, bewildering - array of sub-genres availabe to dance fans, one should almost expect sighs of boredom when a new artist comes on the scene offering little over and above standard electro-house. Still, Deadmau5 is proof of an undying demand for this particular sub-genre and, on debut album Love Me Hate Me Kiss Me Kill Me, Fukkk Offf (either named for controversy or because it’s a good deal catchier than Bastian Heerhorst) seems to be working to the same template as the departed Canadian rodent.

It’s fair to say there’s nothing fresh here; every squelchy bassline and growling synth only builds on a sense of familiarity rather than excitement. Rave Is King is probably not the only track that will remind many of Benny Benassi’s Satisfaction. Still, despite the confines, FO is a competent producer. More Than Friends, a duet between NYC rappers Razor Cain & Hazel and arguably the record’s highpoint, has a cheek quality reminiscent of Princess Superstar; although, given the artist’s name, the lyrics are surprisingly restrained. Occasionally (and this is about as big a compliment as FO is going to get from me) one is reminded of Justice, or at least Justice-lite. With blasts of guitar, Bad Boy brings the album to a noisy close, but it’s still a long way from the inventive, visceral thrills of Waters of Nazareth.

Technically, Love Me Hate Me Kiss Me Kill Me is hard to fault. Unless you're a die-hard electro-house fan, however, you may find the pleasures are weighted down by a strong feeling of déjà vu.



out of 10
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