Frausdots - Couture Couture Couture

Couture, Couture, Couture is the debut album from The Frausdots. With the lead singer Brent Rademaker previously hailing from bands like The Tyde you kinda get a rough idea of what this album may sound like. However you’d be slightly off target, while they sound a little like ‘The Tyde’, Rademakers work this time around as The Frausdots (alongside Michelle Loiselle, backing vocalist for Guns and Roses) is a more melodic journey, with its cutting 80s vocal style and angled guitar work throughout.
Opening with Dead Wrong, which at its initial stages sounds amazingly like the ‘Sheffield Scene’ of the 80s, not to mention small amounts of the actual inspiration of the album, The Cure, but furthers itself into an Interpol style jaunt. The next song up, fashion death trends leads itself to the album title, lyric wise quite literally. With its crisp guitar work and Rademaker’s vocals it further adds to the first 4 tracks being some of the best indie-pop in 2004. Sounding most like The Tyde in the next track The Extremists, you can clearly tell that ex-bandmates from ‘The Tyde’ contributed to the album, even in a small way. As did Rodger O’ Donnel of Cure fame guested on keyboards for this release. The fourth track on the album, and incidentally the best was recently featured on a Sub Pop Sampler CD called “Patient Zero”. The track is best described as being an odd fusion of Neil Hannon from ‘The Divine Comedy’ and Interpol’s take on the art-rock sound. The tempo picks up for the 5th track, just before the longest track on the album (6:23) in the shape of Broken Arrows, which seems to drag slightly, I don’t think being slapped in the middle of the album helps its cause either. However it does hold a bit of substance to it, but probably could have done with being chopped by 50 seconds or so. Current Bedding livens up the tone of the album soon after, with its toe-tapping smoothness and heavy synthesiser use. Next up, The man who dreaded sundown is a song that reminded me an awful lot of the massively underrated band Dawn of the Replicants with its similar style of mixing and switching emphasis between vocal and guitar work. The penultimate track, Contact features a backing drumbeat by Hunter Crowley (of The Warlocks and Trotsky Icepick fame) which dominates the track throughout. The Final track Tomorrow’s Sky is possibly one of the best tracks on the album, states “the futures nothing new” in the lyrics, well if we see more music like this, then possibly the future is nothing new, as this fusion of synthpop and rock has a distinct 80s feel just like Rademaker wanted from the album. If you like any of the bands who Rademaker played with, or anyone mentioned in the similar artists column then you really should give the Frausdots a look, you'll be surprised to say the least.

Couture Couture Couture is released on the 8th November on Rocketgirl Records and SubPop.

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