Frank Turner - Poetry of the Deed

As the much anticipated follow up to Love Ire and Song, I was as excited as any other Frank follower to hear “Poetry of the Deed.”

But to be perfectly honest I don’t think this album does the man justice. Turner's teenaged lyrics and folk punk melodies are at times uncomfortable and jarring ("Live Fast Die Old," "Richard Divine"), with only glimpses of beauty ("Isabel," "Sunday Nights") that was so commonplace on preceding albums.

Frank is still as inspiring as ever on tracks like "Try This at Home", urging young folks to make their own music. Title track “Poetry of the Deed” is a major strong point with its exultant melodies, but includes some unfortunate awkward-sounding lyrics "If you've got soul darling now come on and show it me." Single "The Road" is a crowd-pleaser with deep bass and a solid folk tune.

The semi-shouted vocals are delivered with passion and verve over guitars struck with relish and definition, with the occasional delicate piano riff and much needed rock drumming. Traditional folk influences can be heard in the rhythmic undulations of tracks like "Sons of Liberty" which define Frank’s self proclaimed 'folk-punk' style.

There is no denying the love this man has for life and music. It's this infectious zeal that is the real magic behind Frank. It's best experienced live, where he would no doubt do these tracks proud. Turner will always be a talented musician, but one with cult-like appeal. He divides opinion, swaying as he does on the border between teenage icon with an inspirational and life affirming message, and try-hard preacher with a swollen ego.



out of 10
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