Four Tet - My Angel Rocks Back And Forth

As a sort of separate extra to last year's album Rounds, Fridge's Kieran Hebden releases an EP under the Four Tet guise based on Rounds track My Angel Rocks Back and Forth, including remixes, extra tracks and even a bonus DVD containing the four previous Fourtet videos. Casual observers will be advised to plump for Rounds, but fans of Hebden will find value in My Angel Rocks Back and Forth.

The five songs last for around twenty-five minutes in total, and should be viewed as some sort of multi-textured electronica mini-album as opposed to a cut-and-paste collection of extra tracks. The beauty of Hebden's work as Four Tet revolves around his ability to construct deeply evoking imagery through his decontextualised samples and loops. It's rare to find a mini-album nowadays that borrows heavily on established motifs from such established classics as Mike Oldfield's Tubular Bells or even Chicane's Far From The Maddening Crowds, and yet Fourtet conjure up beautiful soundscapes that still maintain an air of originality in what is becoming a rapidly over-saturated market.

Just when you think the melodies are overtly subtle, the Four Teas on English Time remix by Icarus delves into downtrodden electronica pounding, which suggests an edgier side compared to the usual spring-tinged ambiance.

The three extra tracks and bonus DVD videos all add to the value of the package and should delight all Four Tet fans, though the anticipation is currently devoted to the release of the new album, with My Angel Rocks Back and Forth acting as a nice stop-gap.



out of 10
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