Forro In The Dark - Light A Candle

Another release from the National Geographic label and this time they’ve opted for some Brazilian party music, albeit via the urban chaos of New York. Forro In The Dark formed in 2006 and have developed some serious credibility working with World Music legends such as David Byrne and Bebel Gilberto. This is their first album since their 2006 debut and sees them mix up the traditional Brazilian Forro style with some western influences more recognisable to our ears.

The band have, through a weekly residency in New York’s East Village, generated a vibe which has made them one of the city’s must see acts. Light A Candle provides us with hints as to why this is the case, its grooves and rhythms ideally suited to a hot, sweaty nightclub. As vital as this party music must be in the live arena it just doesn’t really translate when confined to a cd being played on a cold winter’s afternoon in the UK. Highlights are the hectic ‘Bandinha’, which might turn up at your next Salsa class, and its counterpoint ballad ‘Just Like Any Other Night’.



out of 10
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