Forest Giants - Welcome to the Mid-West

Forest Giants sound like some long forgotten indie band swallowed by the mists of time - which is appropriate since they include ex-members of 90s' acts Blue Aeroplanes and Beatnik Filmstars. (I'll admit to having knowingly heard exactly one song by the former and absolutely nothing by the latter, although I'm informed they recorded five Peel sessions.)

The template for most tracks on Welcome to the Mid-West is fried vocals (about seemingly depressing stuff) under fuzzy guitars. Basic keyboard motifs occasionally bring contrast and clarity. Think My Bloody Valentine style production, only more straightforward. That said, Closure, if you listen closely enough, is reminiscent of Joy Division/New Order, and biggest departure The Message has a psychedelic folk sound.

It's the sort of record that's as hard to hate as it is to get excited about, so, with at least three mini-anthems (I don't think you understand, So you think you're unhappy?, Planes fly overhead), it's worth checking out if you get nostalgic about this kind of thing.

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