FM - Metropolis

Rule number one of reunions: don’t. And if you do, under no circumstances ever record anything new. You are merely going through a mid-life crisis, pining for the ventures of youth, and so will never recapture that magic that made you big enough to warrant any sort of reunion. Ignore that advice at your peril.

So it's with some caution that we approach the new album by FM for their first work in 15 years. Formed in 1984, they broke up in 1996 due to the changing musical climate; and they have failed to take much on board in the intervening years: Metropolis is stuffed full of power ballads that would have sounded pretty old back in ’84. Opener ‘Wildside’ raises hopes in that it is actually a half-decent AOR stomper with crunching guitars and a pounding drums, but the copious ‘whoah-whoahs’ serve as an early alarm bell that this is not going to be as cutting or inspiring as might be hoped. Things slide very quickly downwards from there. ‘Hollow’ couldn’t be more middle of the road if you got out the scientific instruments and by the time you reach ‘Over You’ the middle of a dual carriageway becomes rather appealing.

This is what it is. If you were a fan back in the day, you'll perhaps appreciate the opportunity to re-acquaint yourself with the gang, but this adds little to their legacy and even less to the current rock scene.



out of 10
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