Equipped with a synthesiser and a pop manifesto in their pocket, Britain’s own Fenech-Soler are all poised and ready to douse your ears in a cocktail mix of dance and electronica, dressed on the side with a twist of Indie lime. The quartet hail from the depths of Northamptonshire, not, as their name seems to envision, an in-bred village in the foothills of southern France, or, failing that, a form of Chinese water torture. In fact, their namesake is the full surname of their keys and bass player David Soler, something a tad less ‘exotic’, but nevertheless a little more ingenious than naming themselves after a bit of music equipment.

Names aside, their self-titled debut thankfully offers more imagination, with opener ‘Battlefields’ blasting its dancefloor cannon fodder into every orifice, and if that isn’t enough, it even manages to twizzle every Calvin Harris knob imaginable. Like single-to-be ‘Lies’, it induces a head-spinning sugar-high that sweetens the latter’s condemning lyrics and bathes itself in a sweltering summer heat. The calorie intake then takes a dive when ‘Golden Sun’ and ‘Stop and Stare’ take to the floor, featuring what sounds like an out-of-breath Justin Timberlake riding an unhappy baritone elephant. Unflinching, Fenech-Soler continues on its mission to act as a replica sun, adding warmth to the cold winter months to come.

The Northamptoners have produced a debut of pop-electronic proportions, reflecting euphoria off a revolving mirror ball straight into the ears. Although not exactly re-inventing the wheel or anything dramatic like that, the lads do manage to pull off an energetic, feel-good debut that could be the cure to Autumnal blues.



out of 10

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