Fefe Dobson - Everything

Having read of a heavy Nirvana influence within the PR bumpf, it's hard not to think of kids for whom the safe sound of alt-rock is best heard in the cotton-wool and baby oil punk of Nevermind. Not Mudhoney, not Sonic Youth, The Pixies, Babes In Toyland or even UT, all of whom would be fantastic influences for a teen punkette, particularly UT whose tuneless, no-wave deserves a long-overdue chart placing.

Still Fefe Dobson, despite admitting to having asked Kurt Cobain for inspiration, assuming he was able to answer through whatever part of his mouth remained intact after the shotgun blast, has a fine time recording the kind of songs that would have fitted Justin Timberlake just as well had Tom Lord-Alge just eased up on the guitars and Big Muff sound.

Everything is far from the punk/pop promised by Dobson, being much more pop and Red Hot Chili Peppers Frusciante/Flea guitar/bass than Nirvana but second track, Take Me Away is better. With a sassy vocal and nice chunky guitars, it's nothing that doesn't filter out of punk clubs during soundchecks but hearing it on a disc ain't bad.

Should you pick up the album, you'll find the pop/punk of Everything softened a little by pop and ballads. With Stupid Little Rock Song being the kind of pop-Oi! we got from No Doubt after Don't Speak slipped out of the charts, Kiss Me Fool and Bye Bye Boyfriend, despite the titles, are as much Girl Power as Andy Capp.

Fefe Dobson is clearly being pulled into fame, having already performed Everything on a host of US television shows but it's deserved and better her punk-lite than Britney's tired R&B and Victoria Beckham's increasingly desperate attempts to sustain a pop career.



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