Feed The Rhino - The Silence

Life moves pretty quick if you don't stop to look around, and the music industry and the fan's that power it, move even quicker. Feed The Rhino were the talk of the rock/metal genre at the start of the decade, and at the top of their game they fizzled out. So here we are over four years later with a phoenix-like rise from the ashes and the release of their fourth album, The Silence.

What's immediately apparent is the change in tone of the overall record. Gone are the sandpaper-esque production values, replaced with slickness and massive melodies, and straight ahead hardcore replaced with choruses sung in half-time on 'Heedless' and 'Fences'. There are still major sing-along belters to get you in the pit, including the groove-laden 'Timewave Zero' which will keep Feed The Rhino challenging the musical genre they are entrenched in.

Bands like this need to adapt and change if they are to survive in a harsh musical landscape. If you do, and your fans go along with you, the artistic rewards are bountiful. If you don't, you will quickly be consumed and left to rot. The Silence shows a band willing to take these risks and it's a record that'll keep the fires burning for the foreseeable future.


A mixed bag of new and old with some surprisingly challenging tracks.


out of 10
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