Federico Aubele - Amatoria

I won't lie to you, I find it very difficult to review music performed in another language, tending to forgive it for crimes that would see an English speaking artist crucified. So it is here with Federico Aubele who, singing in Spanish, trowels on cheese 6 inches deep and yet is forgiven his sins as I have little to no idea what he’s singing.

Aubele certainly has some substance, the album being largely inspired by the writings of Ovid, and can certainly coax lilting beauty from his Spanish guitar but, even for a guitar player, it is impossible to gauge the quality.

Letting my inexperienced ears be the judge, I can confirm that it isn’t unpleasant. I can imagine it being the perfect, laid back, soundtrack to the sort of sophisticated summer barbecue that features swordfish steaks in place of turkey twizzlers. Credit to Federico for his willingness to experiment too as Luna Y Sol is underpinned by a reverb drenched ska beat which doesn’t quite work but is, nevertheless, admirable in its intent. The fact that the track was, according to Aubele, written by accidently dropping a cup of tea onto an out of tune piano merely adds to its charm. Standout track is Otra Vez which showcased some exquisite, chiming guitar work and the subtly, sultry vocal talents of Sabina Sciubba.

This truly is the epitome of ‘easy listening’ but that needent be a criticism, so I’ll definitely find room for it in my collection.



out of 10
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