F.O. Machete - What's The Signal

Bands like FO Machete - the original F*ck-Off moniker softened somewhat for impending radio play - are difficult to sum up in mere words and paragraphs. What's The Signal, for example, a harsher and more direct affair than their previous release, trots across your desk like wind-up tin soldier, clacking drum and whirring guitar cogs. It beats out an infectious but refrained and stand-offish rhythm, occasionally stuttering even in this stride.

It's the type of deceptively simple looking occurance that stops conversations and draws eyes as you follow it's progress, increasingly drawn to it. You watch and wait, waiting, before, just at the end, its wonky trajectory finds it falling off the edge and down to the carpet below, melody and metronomy spinning down with it. Then, upon landing, mechanism still going inside, it rights itself and strides purposely forward again until, as the key winds down, it stops. And that's it.

So what do you do? Well. You pick it up, wind it up, put it down and watch it all over again. Such fascinating pleasures are a rare find.



out of 10
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