Exit Calm

Having supported the likes of Echo & the Bunnymen and Modest Mouse across the country last year, Yorkshire's Exit Calm have had plenty of time to hone their skills in preparation for this new album. It’s all paid off it seems too, with this being a solid and accomplished display of the bands epic majesty - and emotional intensity.

Produced by Paddy Byrne (UNKLE), and mixed by lord of the remix himself Mr Ulrich Schnauss, it must be noted first of all how brilliant the album sounds sonically. Instruments float around the mix as though lost in some wonderful part of space, while still retaining an impact and not losing its way. From the off it’s clear that Exit Calm may have been influenced just a little bit by The Verve. In particular most recent single ‘Hearts and Minds,’ with its mid-paced rhythm, echoing guitar leads and uplifting chorus.

The band clearly have an awareness of space within the music too, knowing when to push on and be as noisy and intense as possible as on ‘Reference’, or when to pull back and let it glide over the listener with a track like the beautiful ‘Forgiveness’. In general however this is a densely textured record, making full most use of the ‘wall of sound’, yet wrapping it up in grandiose song-writing and rough vocals that strain to be heard through the cacophonous volumes.

Exit Calm have the makings of a brilliant band, and with their debut they have shown that they have both the skill and the sound with which to achieve it. This could possibly be one of the best debuts from a British rock act this year.



out of 10
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