Escape The Fate - I Am Human

Since Escape The Fate's 2006 debut Dying Is Your Latest Fashion there has been a revolving door of members, each bringing their influences from other bands or other scenes. And though scenes come and go good music will always stand the test of time (just ask the likes of Black Sabbath or Guns N Roses) and Escape The Fate are clearly trying to include all of their influences on their latest album I Am Human.

Opening album track 'Beautifully Tragic', and 'Broken Heart' are syrupy vomit-inducing mawkish US college radio rock with unoriginal musicality and lyricism. For a band like Escape The Fate the album in its opening songs makes them become faceless, lacking identity among a sea of other similar sounding and looking bands. With the band trying to be everything to everyone, we get pukey lyrics like "I am weird, I'm a freak/I am different, I'm unique" on the title track. It feels like a hammer blow to the head of the listener, driving home a point that doesn't need it.

With the band pulling out various opportunities to show a softer side on acoustic numbers like 'If Only', it just feels stock, with no identity. By the time we get to hedonistic numbers 'Empire' and 'Riot' the album has finally spun out of control with no direction. To top off this utter tonal explosion of an album the band have tagged on the song 'Let Me Be' which curiously was also included on their last album. Really? REALLY? A mess of influences on this melting pot of an album leaves the listener with a sour taste in the mouth.


An album with no direction, no desire and no chance of causing a racket in a hurricane.


out of 10

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