Enter Shikari - A Flash Flood Of Colour

Enter Shikari are very much the pick'n'mix of the music world, jumping from hip-hop to metal, through dubstep and onto protest punk inside 60 seconds. You might not like all of it, but it certainly makes for an interesting trip. A Flash Flood Of Colour is the band's third full length, but despite this, they are still trying to master the art of sewing together all these disparate elements into a unified sound. The constant genre-hopping is hugely uneven, at times sliding nicely down unexpected avenues, and at others feeling more forced than a square peg in a round hole. The band have at least begun to move away from the atrocious rave/rock crossover that somehow catapulted them to stardom - although the spectre still looms large in the mixing pot.

The snippets of studio chatter left in add to the sense that this is very much four friends messing around and trying to see what works aurally - and supposedly what doesn't - whilst venting their collective spleen about the hypocrisy, warmongering and authoritarian aspects of government. The lyrics and voiceover rants that litter A Flash Flood Of Colour do smack somewhat of tabloid headlines and baseless sensationalism, and Rou's chavy Herts accent (think of a southern The Streets minus the insightfulness) does not help his cause in trying to get any meaningful message across to anyone other than impressionable teenagers – still Enter Shikari's primary audience for the most part.

A Flash Flood Of Colour is far from being a throwaway piece of commercially-minded trash that many of their mostly poor imitators cough up, but hardly is it the work of a truly great band that some publications make out Enter Shikari to be either. Rather, this is an enterprising, if somewhat patchy work by four guys creating a bit of musical mayhem on their own terms.



out of 10

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