Emily Burns – I Love You, You’re The Worst

Emily Burns brings an extra splash of colour and a playful vibrance to her latest EP.

I Love You, You’re The Worst is in many ways, the holy bible of twenty-something emotion. As Emily describes, it is both painful and happy in equal measure. Capturing perfectly, the confusing turmoil from that emotive rollercoaster, we young adults ride way too often for our liking.

Fusing sassy confidence, with poetic sincerity. Emily encapsulates a growing self-assurance, laced with the recklessness of youth. Acting on impulse, is often grounds for trouble. Yet there is such a brilliant boldness to her music, you cannot help but admire her.

With an honest approach and a clarity that is unwavering. It is as though Emily has sought inspiration from her own diary. Etching songs from these innermost thoughts and experiences means that fans view her as a companion rather than a musician, and it is easy to understand why.

Emily would definitely be an amazing friend to call up whenever you need to trash-talk your problems, or stalk your ex on Instagram.

Through a moving bassline and woozy synths, Emily refines rousing lyrics into the dreamiest pop music. Winning over the hearts of fans and critics alike.

With opening track ‘Hello’ lyrics are woven around the complications of an ‘on again, off again’ relationship. Emphasising beautifully just how agonising these situations can be. Yet honestly admitting to the intoxicating lure, and frivolous enjoyment when hand in hand with them.

We feel the same raw truths stem from ‘Curse’. A heart-breaking confession, exploring confusion over love. The track is slower, and broods with a piano. Yet beautiful vocals and a simmer of synths lift the sound.

The EP sways up tempo with ‘Terrified’. Owning a bubbly and fun sound, similar to that of singer Anne-Marie.

The title-track closing the EP, ‘I Love You, You’re The Worst’, is the main emotional catalyst. Radiating all that we adore about Emily Burns. Catchy pop-riffs with those, now familiar, swooning emotions.

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Updated: Jul 22, 2020

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