Embrace - World At Your Feet

And so here we go again - blah blah World in Motion, Eng-ger-land, Three Lions ... time once more for the official World Cup song ahead of this years competition, due to kick off in Germany in just a few days time. Speculation over who was performing the song gets almost as high as in anticipation of a Bond theme, and this time round the baton has been passed to Embrace.

Which actually isn't that bad a choice, as they are pretty good at writing those stirring anthems. Which is exactly what they have done - a song that has pretty much zero to do with football. Not exactly a bad thing - take the rap out of World in Motion and you have precious little reference to the beautiful game. Instead, we have the usual Embrace "big" sound, full of lush strings, electric and acoustic guitars strumming in sequence and Danny straining for the top notes. Sure, they talk about "lifting it up with one proud kiss", but they could be singing about anything really.

But will they be singing it on the terraces? Well, I'll be surprised if they do. It seems the plan here is to write a piece of music to pop over those montages and "goal of the tournament" sequences. There is nothing here that will make you want to drape your arm round a mate and bellow the chorus. Embrace have been clever enough to write a song that is not dependent on the game - win or lose, give this a year or two and we'll hardly associate it with the success or failings of England. Heck, even the Scots and the Welsh might buy into it!

To be fair, reviewing this is pretty meaningless - you will have and are going to hear this song a billion times in the next month, and I am sure you'll have already made an opinion yourself. But for what its worth: as a stirring anthem to get us in the mood, it'll do.



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