Elvis Presley - That's All Right

Did he change rock music fifty years ago on 5 July 1954? Well, yes he did as forgetting the arguments about his theft of rock'n'roll from contemporary black musicians, him not even being the first white singer to play rock'n'roll nor that That's All Right came out of the end of an otherwise unimpressive session at Sun Studios, Elvis brought something to the music that was all his own and popular music from the release of this single was never to be the same again.

There were, of course, better songs than this one that would be released by Presley over the next twentysomething years but nothing that he released ever offered the sense of Elvis being so thrilled with his own sound as he was on the Sun Sessions recordings. Sam Phillips, as the producer of the session and Presley's guitarist, Scotty Moore, were instrumental in harnessing Elvis' power and drawing out his raw excitement onto disc but even listening to bootlegs and radio recordings of Elvis at the time, his sound - as thrilling as rock'n'roll has ever been - never let him down. That's All Right was simply the first time that Presley's sound burst out of Memphis and not even a re-release this year can dim its genius.




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