Eli 'Paperboy' Reed - Come And Get It

This, Eli “Paperboy” Reed’s major record label debut, contains as much cocksure brazen brassyness as the title’s invitation, and I’m not just talking about the album’s all-embracing love of funnel-shaped instruments. In fact, Eli’s MOJO Award nominated chutzpah has produced a record of mega-bucket combo qualities, fully loaded with ambrosial trumpets, guitars and drums that bring the splendour of the sixties back into the ears of the noughties. Complete with soultastic tones that revive Motown’s irresistible arm-swinging and finger-clicking beats, Come And Get It has a distinct lack of troughs, with each soul-enthused track only producing peaks at alternating heights instead.

Although the lyrics aren’t exactly going to win a prize for being the ‘world’s most inventive’, it only makes you sit up and listen more to the pure talent that lies in Eli’s larynx - and loins. The result can only be described as James Brown-ified, with the vocals delivering seductive crooning amongst high pitch dulcet squeals that were probably thanks to many a sneaky crotch squeeze. This is mostly evident in tracks ‘Just Like Me’ and ‘Come And Get It’, with the latter’s tonsil-waggling nearly affecting your nervous system.

It isn’t all just a wail-fest though, ‘You Can Run On’ takes a more countrified, Johnny Cash-inspired angle of sixties soul, complete with undertones reminiscent of camp-fire favourite, ‘This Little Light of Mine’. Ear-soother ‘Pick Your Battles’ also thinks slightly out of the box, featuring a stringed intro that wouldn’t seem out of place on an old Dusty Springfield disc.

In fact Come And Get It cheats your ears into believing that you can actually hear the crackling of a record as each track plays, sending those sixties feel-good jive vibes straight into your soul. Actually, the album is so sultry, it can be scientifically categorised as exothermic*.

*There is technically no evidence to suggest this.



out of 10

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