Einóma - Encam EP

Encam is the first release by the Icelandic leftfield electronic duo Einóma since the spellbinding Mille Tónverka album a couple of years ago.

The music made by these two Icelandic dreamweavers is like a man-made geological structure. Like a particularly daunting cave or impressive underground river, constructed in such a way that light reflects from a sole and distant source, flickering off stragetically placed glints of roughed diamond or redirected water, to create an otherworldly ambiance and texture just too clinical to be nature's own. While in any such environment the tangible elements of the phenomenon are important - the rocks, the sharp juts of crystal, the stalagmites darting up at awkward diagonals - it's how they interplay and the shape of space they create that's the real wonder.

Thus is the alien terraforming of Einóma. Over the three tracks (and, bizarrely, one remix) on this EP, they've crafted some more of the most dense and encapsulating music audible to the human ear. Anything more beautiful than this and you'd need special equipment just to be able to hear it.




out of 10
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