Eels - Tomorrow Morning

People can do odd things when they're in love. Like record an album that may make perfect sense to them but leaves everyone else scratching their heads. Eels mastermind Mark Oliver Everett has a lot to sing about. He's been bitten by The Big L and Tomorrow Morning has that giddy wistfulness of a budding romance.

'I'm A Hummingbird' sounds like a man wandering clueless though a bustling fairground unaware of everything but the dancing visions in his head while 'The Morning' is subdued, just an organ and Everett's tired croaky voice. In betwixt noodly electronic beeps and blurps, Everett does get down to business. After the silly quirkiness of 'Baby Loves Me' is the lovely 'Spectacular Girl' - one of the most endearing homages to True Love you are likely to hear: "Like looking at the deep night sky / So many worlds inside her eyes" and the simple down-to-earth 'What I Have To Offer' is heartfelt and heart-stoppingly touching: "I've got a pleasing disposition / And I don't care about football or fishing."

At times he loses the plot a bit, like the sweet but geeky guy who means well, but his cheesy and incessant protestations of love make you long a bit for someone like Gene Hunt. This is all too apparent in the flighty 'This Is Where It Gets Good' where the eclectic mix of beats and strings is interesting but the song really never takes off, whereas 'Oh So Lovely' and the punchy 'The Man' fare better. Here the eccentricities have more form and substance and the songs have an accessibility that is somewhat lacking in his more obtuse moments.

You have to have a bit of an open mind and indulgent spirit for Tomorrow Morning, but nestled amongst the meandering doodles are some real gems that remind you how good it feels to be a love-sick sap. Some people wear their hearts on their sleeves. Mark Oliver Everett has his pinned onto every part of his body. Bless him.



out of 10
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