Editors - The Weight of Your Love

When so few acts overcome the loss of an integral member, it wasn't surprising that there were those who cast doubt over Editors' capacity to recapture some of their early promise following guitarist Chris Urbanowicz’s departure in April of last year. Now battle-hardened and re-grouped, The Weight Of Your Love is testament to their resilience, delivering as it does, some of their finest material to date.

Opening with the atmospheric 'The Weight', and the album-wide themes of love, death and insecurity, the album immediately vies for your attention. Put down the book. Put down your phone. Listen. The unsettling 'Sugar, with shades of Nine Inch Nails and Outside-era Bowie serves as a summary for Tom Smith's current state of mind (“It breaks my heart to love you.”) Recent single 'A Ton Of Love' is a huge Springsteen-esque number with an equally weighty chorus while 'What Is This Thing Called Love' sounds haunted, but the beautiful melody lingers.

The looming presence of a string section enhances the air of grandeur on certain tracks such as 'Nothing' while 'Two Hearted Spider' once again creates that feeling of unease heard repeatedly throughout. With a sinister drum beat and emotionally charged vocal, menace levels remain high. Penultimate song 'The Phone Book' has a sort of modern Johnny Cash vibe, while closer 'Bird of Prey' is quite frankly the perfect end to what can only be described as an emotional journey of an album.

Rather than tear up the pages and start all over again, Editors have gone for the re-draft - and it reads just fine.



out of 10

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