Eddie Halliwell/ Sander Van Doorn mix - Cream Ibiza

Another year, another Ibiza season and another Cream Ibiza release.

Disc 1, mixed by Eddie Halliwell, kicks off with Pryda’s Lift. Although unlikely to do as well as last year’s anthemic Pjanoo, it’s a decent start. Up to around the two-thirds mark, Halliwell’s set is an okay blend of electro-house and techno. From there on, it’s a nosedive into trancey rubbish. One of them choons is just Adagio for Strings by another name.

Sander Van Doorn’s disc fares rather better. He begins with Oliver Twist’s Another Step; the sample here, seemingly from an old soul tune, is spot on. Various permutations of house follow (Olav Basoski’s deep- Don’t Turn Your Back and Randy Katana’s electro- You & I are particular highlights) and there’s a cheesy-yet-agreeable moment in the shape of Spencer & Hill’s 2009 remix of Paul van Dyk’s For an Angel. It says something that even van Doorn's late-on remix of The Killer’s Spaceman fails to destroy the momentum.



out of 10
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