Dungen - Ta Det Lungt

As music reviews go, something like Sigur Rós (whom Dungen seemingly take a fair bit of influence from) with its nonsensical lyrics in 'hopelandic' are quite hard to review. Just as hard to review is an LP with lyrics in another language. This is just one of those occasions.

But don’t be put off by this album being in Swedish, because despite me personally not knowing more than a few words in Swedish, when you listen to this you don’t really need the lyrics being in English at all, as the lead singer uses his voice as a sort of extra instrument. Rather like Iceland's stalwarts Sigur Rós as mentioned earlier in the review.

The album flows extremely well, with high points coming in the form of Gjort bot sig, Festival Blortglumd, and the Pink Floyd-esque final track Sluta Folja Efter.

A surprise hit of the year, and one that will certainly be in my end of year top 10.




out of 10
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