Drinkme - Manifesto

With some punk funk guitar and with a deadpan vocal robotizing angular attitude, Drinkme have all art rock guns blazing in Manifesto The Rapture shooting down The Madness.

This production melds electro and angular rock in its purist form bubbling nicely in a bottle. Lyrics indulge in desirous images, such as walking with Robert Smith wondering about Siouxsie’s jealousy and with heavy dance remixes and a Whitey reconstruction included, this band belongs in Berlin and New York as much as they do in London.

But Drinkme do not need a magnum opus singing their praises, they have Claire Sturgess (XFM), Alan McGee and Steve Lamacq (Radio 1) behind them…. Hopefully soon there will be less Hard-fi and Dogs on the radio.



out of 10
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