Dragonette - Galore

A genuine surprise, Dragonette’s electro-pop comes shining with both ‘tude and tunes. The shocking pink packaging is a tip-off but there’s much more on show here than Scissor Sisters-style yawnsome campery. Led by Canadian chanteuse Martina, Dragonette (I must say – the name doesn’t help, people) have fashioned a debut that glitters with rock solid pop gems. Other reviews have compared them to everyone who’s ever picked up a Moog and heard Depeche Mode. Let me simply garble what comes to mind when I hear them and, trust me, you’ll have a clearer idea than such wafery comparisons can offer. Ready ? I hear the chutzpah of Transvision Vamp’s ‘Velveteen’ (memo to self – start the re-evaluation of the art-trash popsters), ‘I’m in Love With a German Film Star’ by The Passions and Annie’s universally adored ‘Anniemal’.

They have, worth noting again, the songs. ‘True Believer’ is fantastic, all spiralling vocal melody. ‘Another Day’ could be token breathless ballad but has sass and guile above its station. The trik-trak of ‘Get Lucky’ is ‘50s music hall meets Goldfrapp’s ‘Satin Chic’. And so it goes on. Synth washes and clattering beats build at the start of songs, suggesting that, yes, seven tracks in, it’s filler time. Then a monster hook rounds the bend and doubts disappear. Far better, given the potentially dodgy influences, than you might reasonably expect and impeccably titled, ‘Galore’ is cool and calculated.



out of 10
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