Doves - The Places Between - Best of The Doves

Oh, don't think of it as just another Greatest Hits album. Don't scoff. Do not turn up your nose and sniff, "Well, I have all of these already." This is more than just a Best Of. This, my friend, is one hell of a mix tape. All the best bits from the illustrious career of one of the brightest, and coolest, bands to come out of Manchester in the past decade.

Still to equal the commercial success of their pals Elbow, Doves have none-the-less amassed a loyal throng of followers which increases with every new release, and all their albums have featured on critics' top albums lists. This collection is a stunning retrospective; a testament to a decade of first-class music whittled down to a top 15.

For those of you new to Doves (and shame on you if you are) then The Places Between - Best of The Doves is the perfect introduction. The collection guides your through what would certainly be the ultimate setlist at any Doves show; 15 glorious tracks spanning the band's career. The album clicks back and forth like a jukebox, throwing out nuggets from their impressive back catalogue, kicking off with the luscious six minute glory 'There Goes The Fear' from 2002's The Last Broadcast and the pounding intro of 'Black And White Town' from 2005's Some Cities. The stunning 'Snowden', also from Some Cities, is a perfect example of the epic, sweeping melodies the band is known for. Then it is the beautiful hooks and harmonies of 'Words' from The Last Broadcast and the cool spaghetti western classic 'Kingdom Of Rust' from the 2009 album of the same name. 'Sea Song', from 2002's Lost Souls follows with Jimi Goodwin's French horn-like vocals gliding through the music like a dream. New track, the catchy 'Andalucia' helps close the album, with 'The Cedar Room' rounding things off.

For those of you already in the know, the deluxe version (2 CDs plus DVD) includes rarities and B-sides which you may have missed. For the rest this will have you itching to discover their back catalogue, and all the gems that didn't make the final cut.



out of 10

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