Don't Move - The New Pop Sound Of Don't Move!

I can be anything that you want me to be, but be reasonable, I don’t need you that badly

As romantic chat up lines go, this isn’t going to win any prizes but it is a perfect example of the kind of cruel wit which runs through this album like an unwelcome tapeworm. It seems unfeasible that someone as young as vocalist Mason Le Long (23) could have amassed the wealth of bitter life experience that would enable him to write this album, featuring thirteen wry vignettes of various catastrophic relationships.

Equally disarming is the vehicle that Don’t Move have chosen to convey the songs. Typically you’d expect this sort of 'relationship' material to be delivered by an ashen faced, dour singer songwriter with an acoustic guitar. Not so here, well Fortress excepted maybe. You remember that clip of Freddie and the Dreamers high kicking all over the place on Blue Peter? Well that’s the mental image of Don’t Move conjured up when listening to this album which, if I can nail it into an even smaller box, is like gearing a young Roger Daltrey fronting up The Byrds.

It’s difficult to assess whether the impending Beatles reissues will help or hinder the progress of such a resolutely retro outfit, but their chiming guitar lines and lyrical bass lines are certainly worthy of your time. Talking of the Fab Four the highly entertaining Love Her Dearly comes across as a pointed ‘mind your own business’ response to Lennon’s You’re Gonna Lose That Girl. It’s hard to fault the album, it may offer nothing stylistically new but it is lyrically entertaining, bears up to repeated listens and provides an ideal soundtrack for you to practice your ‘Ready, Steady, Go’ moves on the lino.



out of 10
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