Dio - Master Of The Moon

Bless little Ronnie James Dio.He's been around for centuries and not changed a jot. He's been in Black Sabbath (twice) and Rainbow and lived to tell the tale. It's easy to mock his affection for all things of a fantastic nature; this is, after all, a grown man who has actually battled mechanical dragons called Denzil onstage. It's beyond satire. He is, though, something of a legend in the world of heavy metal so there we are. The most maligned of genres, once more, reminds the world why people mock it so. A new Dio album is not the most exciting thing in the world, or even a slightly interesting thing, but here it is regardless and, rest assured, Dio has not succumbed to experimentation and offers the listener ten new songs that are, well, the same as all his other songs.

'Master of the Moon' is, however you might want to dress it up, a rather dull album and there's no disguising that. By the time it's spun it's way to the end, it'll have faded into the background. You might find your ears pricking up from time to time, as some of the lyrics are very enjoyable for all the wrong reasons. Listen as Dio proclaims himself to be '...stronger than the wind' on 'I Am'. Fnaar, Fnaar. After a while, though, even these lose their appeal. He even has a brave little stab at politics on something called 'The Man Who Would Be King' which, in his own words he doesn't see as a political challenge, more a request for the American Government to rethink their policy on Iraq. Devastating stuff, eh? Expect the tanks to be rolling out of there the day after this is released. To be fair to the King of Pixieland, Dio have never been a political band. The world would be a much more interesting place if they were. Close your eyes and imagine Denzil the Dragon trying to persuade 'the kids' to Rock the Vote. It's good, isn't it?

Of course, if you're a fan of Dio, then criticism is pretty much redundant. There's nothing here that would sound out of place on 'Holy Diver' or 'The Last In Line' and you'll be adding this to your collection regardless. For everybody else there's no reason at all to get involved with all this elf nonsense.



out of 10
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