Digitalism - Idealism

First off, a warning: Idealism, the debut from Digitalism, is yet more dance music in the Daft Punk/Justice mode. Still reading? The good news is it's very enjoyable.

To be fair, though, this German duo can hardly be accused of jumping on the bandwagon. Zdarlight, their first single (which saw them signed to the über-trendy Kitsune label), pre-dates Justice by a good margin and is one of the finest examples of its type. The act's name goes some way to describing their hard-edged, processed sound, but rock fans should be impressed by the meaty basslines, employment of guitar and general attitude. Three more tracks here (The Pulse, Jupiter Room and Echoes) come close in quality, and seem to place Digitalism between Daft Punk and Justice; tougher than the former, but not as raw as the latter.

They aren't quite so successful at actual songs; the likes of I Want, I Want and single Pogo are okay if ordinary. Snotty indie vocals over electronic rock have been tackled with far better results recently by LCD Soundsytem. In addition, occasional tracks (Digitalism In Cairo, for example) get bogged down in a directionless groove.

Still, Idealism is a near essential purchase for those who could take a bit more rave in their nu rave. It's an album that's as fun as it is cool. On this evidence, these Germans have as much right to claim the 2007 Dance Cup as those French boys.



out of 10
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