Dido - Sand In my Shoes

Poor old Dido. Is anyone more universally mocked? It seems the most controversial thing Eminem might ever have done is break Dido to a bigger market. Listening to this, though, it's easy to see why she is mocked so. The song itself is all about how dull it is when you come back from your holidays. What a dull thing to write a song about. There's a brief hint of melody but for the most part it's quite tuneless and relies upon Dido's dulcet tones to carry it. Sadly, they're too dull to carry the weight and the whole thing collapses into a fluffy mess.

It's good value, though, this CD. You do get thirty-five minutes of music which is longer than some albums. Sadly, it's all remixes of the same song, though. Pity. Essentially the same song with different beats, none of which are outstanding enough to recommend.



out of 10
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