Diana Vickers - Songs From The Tainted Cherry Tree

'Little Diana from Blackburn' has come a long way since vanishing from our TV screens after her X Factor fourth place elimination. Rather than bunging out a Mother's Day collection featuring Vickers' Saturday night indie takes on the likes of Spice Girls and Lena Zavaroni, three months after her Factor demise Diana's talent has been nurtured by her record company, pairing her with a collection of top contemporary songwriters - including pop maestro Cathy Dennis, indie fave Lightspeed Champion and ivory tinkler Nerina Pallot. This has resulted in a well thought out first album that showcases 'The Diana Factor' fans remember with a sound that's completely up to date.

The Great British Public first heard the fruits of her labour when debut single 'Once' was unleashed, its swooping chorus worming its way into the nation's hearts and giving Diana her first number one single. The rest of the tracks assembled on Songs From The Tainted Cherry Tree retain a similar quality, delivering radio-friendly electro pop songs with an emphasis on the faster paced output finding more favor. Songs like 'My Hip', the stunning 'The Boy Who Murdered Love' and 'Remake Me and You" - co-penned with Brit Award winner Ellie Goulding - are the strongest selections. The softer, breathier side of her vocals don't work as well, especially on the slower tracks. Alongside the sparkly new songs, the album also contains a cover version of the Sugarcubes' 'Hit'. It's a very good take on the song, with a backing that's very current and more importantly, there's no shouty man in the middle spoiling the track like the original!

The album proves that Miss Vickers is able to stand proud amongst her contemporaries like the aforementioned Ellie, Little Boots, Marina and the like but if there's one criticism there's nothing to absolutely push her to the head of the pack this time round.



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