Depeche Mode - Suffer Well

With the tour due to kick of in the UK next month, "Suffer Well" is the third single to be lifted from "Playing the Angel", and amazingly is the first Depeche single not to be written by Martin Gore since "Just Can't Get Enough" way back in 1981. Dave Gahan is responsible for this song, and he should be very proud of it, as it is something very special indeed - an excellent, thumping piece of electronica, bordering on techno at times, but full of wonderful touches and an excellent vocal. You can tell that Gore loves it as well - his guitar piece brings the song to greater levels, adding colour to the track.

This single release has seen a few edits from the album version, and these are for the better, snapping the song into shape, losing the extended ending and tightening the intro. Flipside "Better Days" is also a wonderful song - quite why it was omitted from the album when dross like "Macro" made it beggars belief. It is a riotous stomp of beats and rhythms set against a brilliant vocal performance from Gahan.

The mixes on the second CD are patchy to say the least. The Tiga and Alter Ego mixes are pretty turgid, the M83 mix boring, with only the Metope Vocal Mix capturing anything of the original song.

Gahan should be feeling very pleased with himself - this is a classic Depeche Mode single.



out of 10
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