Delays - You See Colours

Second albums can always be a bit tricky, especially if you've come off the back of a critically acclaimed debut (as most new bands seem to these days). Influenced by some of the more unfashionable bands of yester-year, Delays created something a little bit special last time around fusing Greg Gilberts high, ethereal like vocals with a balance of more straight forward sunshine pop and a twist of Cocteau Twins style edginess.

The album begins where their previous effort finished - a song of summery south coast shine with washes of synths, guitars and those vocals, high and sweet. Things take a bit of turn when you come across the recent single, and album highlight, Valentine. This is a storming track with a bass line that wouldn't have been out of place on the last Chemical Brothers album. Driven by this, you can't help wanting to jump up and dance around the room. It also shows that they're no one-trick pony and hints at a change of direction the rest of the album takes. Gone is the sunshine pop of the debut replaced with a darkness - Gilberts voice reveals itself as perfectly able to handle a lower, rockier line in vocals. Tracks like This Towns Religion, Out Of Nowhere and Too Much In Your Life have more in common with their old label mates The Libertines - guitars higher in the mix, the songs dealing with the seedier side of life.

That's not to say that they've completely ditched their previous sound, Winter's Memory Of Summer is a lush remembrance of a glorious summer past but the majority of this album has a more indie-rock feel than the debut.

You can't knock the Delays for wanting to develop their sound and in doing so they've proved they can move forward and not rest on their laurels. However, in doing so they've maybe lost the hooks and innocence that the debut possessed which made it a perfect soundtrack to the summer. But, this is still a great album and one that deserves to be heard above plenty of other indie-rock albums released this year.



out of 10
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