Deftones - Hole In The Earth

The much anticipated return of the Deftones begins with a wall of crashing guitars and a cry of excitement from Chino Moreno. Not a bad way to begin your comeback.

After the relative disappointment of 2003's self-titled album, things seem to be back on track here. Maybe slightly more subdued than material from White Pony and Around The Fur, this is a polished and impressively crafted song. Bringing on board the Pink Floyd producer Bob Ezrin has certainly created a huge 'Wall of Sound' production, the guitars burst in your face and yet, whilst the Moreno's vocals are pouring out, they're hidden behind a quasi-ambient backdrop of more intricately played guitars and tinkling drums that then build up to a crescendo of noise for the chorus.

This may not be the Deftones of old, there’s a hint of them taking on ideas from their current tour partners Tool, but this development of their sound is something that shouldn't be dismissed and sets them apart from their contemporaries.

Hear stuff from the new album over at their Myspace site or on their official website.



out of 10
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