Death From Above 1979 - You're a Woman, I'm A Machine

It's fair to say that DFA1979 don't have that many tricks up their sleeves. You'd expect nothing else when you realise that it's a two piece comprising of simply bass and drums but taking what most rock bands would consider to the mere building blocks of a 'complete' band doesn't seem to do them any harm at all when it comes to expressing noise. For that's what this is, a pure, unadulterated noise that's filtered through a sort of 1980's thrash filter. For there is little here that doesn't bear at least a slight resemblance to ye olde thrash bands of yore. Take 'Little Girl' for example, which opens with a pure chug-a-long riff that lasts a whole minute before Sebastian Grainger's kicks in with a vocal line that can only really be described as shit. It's squawky, awkward with simply dreadful lyrics to boot.

Admittedly, That's a low point, however, but it's one they don't manage to rise above that often. Listening to the album as a whole bring on an almost existentional sense of despair. This is heavy metal repackaged for 'cool indie kids'; DFA1979 are Beavis and Butthead for those that might not even remember them. 'Cold War' has a bass run that could have been lifted from any old Iron Maiden album. But if you can forgive them that and forgive them the occasional drift into the arena of the cliché then there is a small amount of joy to be gleamed from this band. But be warned, it is very, very small joy. The sort of joy one gets from a perfectly buttered piece of toast or when the bus turns up just as you get to the bus stop or something. Nothing life changing, in other words. Opener 'Turn It Out' is a delightful screechy racket that at least attempts to try and be a little different. Whether it's worth the effort is another matter entirely. From this, we conclude, DFA979 would be an almost perfect 'singles' band, but the sound is simply to samey, to derivative of that which has been done before (but better) to last for an entire album. By the time you get to 'Pull Out' with it's horrible, horrible lyrics you just want to kill yourself. Or kill them. Either way, this is an album to be purchased with extreme caution. If you like the idea of a pair of bozos making 'rawk' noises in a slightly different way than usual, then go ahead - knock yourself out. See if we care.



out of 10
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