Deadmau5 - Deadmau5 at Play

Deadmau5, pronounced "dead mouse", is a man whose name you'll find on the back of many a dance compilation. The press release proclaims the Canadian DJ/producer (a.k.a. Joel Zimmerman) "flavour of the moment", but, sadly, I can neither confirm nor deny this. Deadmau5 at Play collects together some of his recordings for Play Records.

"Dirty" is the word. The likes of Turning Point and This is the Hook have dirty basslines, while Hey Baby and Afterhours, the most striking tracks here, take it a step further with dirty lyrics. (Sample: "Did you want to see my tits?" I really needn't quote more.) There's nothing wrong with gratuitous filth of course, and one appreciates a bassline with grit. Yet, paradoxically, this all feels rather safe. Excluding the gently euphoric trance of Faxing Berlin, hardly revolutionary itself, there's nothing here that strays from the well-worn electro-house path. Still, this is the sort of stuff that fills floors and it should satisfy those not yet tiring of the genre.



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