Dead Fly Buchowski - Russian Doll

Beggars Banquet’s latest signing is a power house of evocative intensity that never fails to flatten listeners with the sheer force of the heavy rock. Dead Fly Buchowski are successfully performing a sound that so many bands try to master but fall into a mediocre lump. When listening to DFB, you are listening to the authority.

From their album Land Of The Rough, their second single Russian Doll is the most catchy but driven of all with a heavy old skool influence coming to the fore while they tread the path of the tigers Mark Lanegan and Black Sabbath.

The operatic power from the first B Side, Overcast, is reminiscent of a young Nick Cave stirring gun powder in his incendiary poetry, and the acoustic turnabout of the folk song One of These Days captures Tenacious D’s best ballad with Pearl Jam’s best soul.

However, it is Russian Doll that is to prove that Dead Fly Buchowski has what it takes and that Beggars Banquet’s still got it. It is rock with character taking Heavy Rock to the edge with post punk sensibilities encapsulating a right-here-right-now sound.

Powerful enough to bring the grunge kids out to new gigs, that’s for sure…




out of 10
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