David Rainger - The short but astonishing guitar world of David Rainger

Well, it is short, there’s no arguing with that. It is also astonishing although perhaps not in the way that Mr Rainger expects it to be. I am frankly astonished that this record has seen the light of day. I find it utterly perplexing to be confronted by these snippets of music - of which only one reaches the heady heights of 3 minutes – which appear to be roughed out ideas for the backing musak for Sky Tv menus.

I’m a big fan of guitar instrumentals and when confronted by such a bold and brash title I expect it to be challenging such luminaries as Michael Brooke or Daniel Lanois, but the guitar world of David Rainger appears to be devoid of any significant ideas, melody or point.

Perhaps this is intended as an advertisement for Mr Rainger’s guitar effects pedals, or maybe as potential material for DJs to work into their mixes but, as a standalone piece of work, it makes no sense. The ‘songs’ are largely an insipd take on early Beastie Boys without the lyrics and they don’t even work as breakbeat material as they are over before you could get through your first retro stylee headspin. The epic, 3 minute extravaganza of Tweaking has the most promise, in that it has a recognisable hook but it ultimately goes nowhere and fizzles out. Mr Grainger clearly has a talent for experimentation but is desperately in need of someone to assist in channelling these ideas into something that engages the listener. His sleevenotes recommend that if you don’t like the record then you should put something else on. Maybe this will save you the bother.

My final conclusion is that this record is a situationist prank, I can see no other explanation.



out of 10
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