David Holmes - The Dogs Are Parading - The Very Best Of

The Dogs Are Parading is a best of album for Belfast born DJ and producer David Holmes, consisting of two discs: the first containing his work in its original form and the second consisting of remixes of his work by others.

In his 15 year musical career Holmes has a swung between more traditional albums and a number of film soundtracks with the influence of the cinema apparent on most of his work. Not only has his work been defined by the silver screen but also by the vast array of collaborations he has undertaken. Typical is the amazing 'Gone' in which his sweeping scenery perfectly frames the voice of the adorable Sarah Cracknell.

His finest hour though is the iconic 'Don't Die Just Yet'. Its inclusion three times on the compilation may seem excessive, but the original propped up by remixes coming from Scotland’s Mogwai and Arab Strap make for essential listening. Whilst Mogwai, without question, bring the noise it is Arab Strap who steal the show. Their remix with Aidan Moffat's ramblings about his exploits juxtapose the very best of both artists into a single classic track.

David can unfortunately often fly too close to free-jazz-wank and this is represented here, although the finer items from his back catalogue outweigh his flights of fancy. It may not win best in show, but it certainly deserves a rosette.



out of 10
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