David Gilmour - Smile

Having just finished a sell-out tour in the US and Europe, David Gilmour returned to our shores recently for a series of gigs (Richard and his dad had a good time at one of the concerts, which you can read about here). From the album On An Island he has chosen to release Smile as a single - quite why is anyone's guess - only in that I suppose it gives Radio 2 something to play.

This is a peaceful, gentle track - anyone else out there who likes their videogames will understand when I say that it most reminds me of the music played when Link went fishing in the first N64 Zelda game, lots of gently picked guitar and a light melody. It has a desert island feel to it, calming and soothing, but also maybe just a touch boring.

As an advert for the album it is a reasonable choice, as it does represent the overall vibe of the album. However, as a single on its own it is a little bit dull, and doubtful that it will have much success.



out of 10
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