Dave Fidler - Songs From Aurora

You wouldn’t think Dave Fidler was a British artist if you listened to his music - it sounds like a blend of Nashville country and Americana, with a strong dash of blues thrown in too - but he’s actually a Mancunian.

His latest album Songs From Aurora exemplifies this well - ‘The Water’ is a slow rhythm and blues track, ‘Eternal Road’ and ‘Will I Ever Learn’ have the instrumentation and tone of classic country music, and many of the tracks used picked guitar rhythms that evoke contemporary folk.

Songs From Aurora is at its best when Fidler is blending the genres and pushing their limitations to create evocative songs - the opener ‘On The Line’ perfectly echoes its lyrics with a changing instrumentation and rhythm that journeys from genre to genre.

However it does feel at points that there isn’t enough innovation or change, particularly towards the end of the album, with tracks like ‘Breeze’ or ‘Let Her Go’ which are perfectly pleasant, but rather similar-sounding and musically uninteresting, acoustic strummed tracks.

The weaker second half of the album isn’t enough to detract from some great songs at the beginning of the album, and they clearly show an artist who is experimenting with and adapting the genres that inspire them.


Songs From Aurora blends some similar genres, and reaches its best when Fidler does so with grace.


out of 10

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