Das Wanderlust - The Orange Shop

If there was a pre-set rhythm on a Casio keyboard for 'bunch of unruly children all trying to make a pop song (but not necessarily the same pop song) in the dark mostly by banging toy instruments', it might sound the music of Das Wanderlust. From Middlesbrough no less. Not usually associated with what intelligent, detached electropop would sound like if it was a paint-by-numbers picture coloured in by a hyperactive twelve year old girl with really fat crayons, Das Wanderlust's showings so far suggest we may need to start re-evaluating the small northern industrial town.

To be honest we've heard even more wonderfully unhinged music from the quartet but, as debut singles go, i think you're so fuckin' amazing is as good an opening salvo as you could want. Beep beep.



out of 10
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