Darwin Deez

Darwin Deez is a man who knows how to write a tune. Aware that expensive studios and hours of post production are utterly unnecessary if you've got the song structure right. In fact Darwin's quirky style benefits immensely from his DIY recording at home approach. These ten fantastic tracks (and there isn't a duff one on here) all sparkle with his character and personality. Plus you can rest assured several of them were recorded in just his pants.

Much like another New Yorker, Adam Green, Darwin is doing things on his own terms. His creative vision is undiluted and it's extremely fortunate that this vision produces such unique music. Everything bristles with energy and positivity - even when the subject matter is taking a swipe at relationship woes on 'Deep Sea Divers' or 'Bad Day' it's done so from a happy place and with a sense of humour.

But it's when he's tackling more positive subject matter that Darwin really shines. ‘Constellations’ floats along with the joy usually experienced by a unicorn riding a rainbow of sweets. Most recent single ‘Radar Detector’ may seem effortless, and it's easy to get lost in the happy vibe, but beneath the grinning exterior lies a pop song so perfectly constructed that even Burt Bacharach would be disappointed he didn't write it.

This is an album that is impossible to dislike. Given enough airplay, being fortunate enough to soundtrack the sporting results or be part of an advert could easily lead to massive commercial success. The thing is, I don't think Darwin would actually care - he seems happy just to write these divine tunes.



out of 10
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